European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources

Regional platform for the support of management, conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources


Celebrating collaboration: 6-Month recap of ERFP efforts in Animal Genetic Resources

We are excited to release our latest newsletter, highlighting six months of collaborative efforts across Europe in the field of animal genetic resources. This edition features insights from our ...

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Exciting seminar on the European Animal Genetic Resources Strategy held in Sofia!

The Executive Agency for Selection and Reproduction in Animal Breeding (EASRAB) and the Institute for Animal Science-Kostinbrod, Agricultural Academy have organized a seminar for promoting the ...

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Together we are stronger: 50 participants to the Cyprus ERFP Working Groups

A large crowd of AnGR experts made the journey to the Agriculture Research Institute (ARI) in Nicosia, Cyprus, to participate to the ERFP Working Groups (WG). Two days of networking and ...

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A year of accomplishement of the ERFP network : check out our newsletter !

If you want to know what are the ERFP achievements in a glimpse, check out the edition of our newsletter here. Enjoy !

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A fruitful General Assembly in Lyon (France)

  Our General Assembly was held August 26th and 27th 2023 in Lyon France. As it is our custom, it was set right before the EAAP meeting. This important event of our network is an ...

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An expert network for Animal Genetic Resources in Croatia

The Croatian Ministry of Agriculture established last year a "Reference Expert Network for the Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources" (hr: Referentna Ekspertna Mreža za očuvanje Animalnih ...

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FAO side event: What’s new about Animal Genetic Resources in Europe?

Significant accomplishments related to Animal Genetic Resources have occurred lately in Europe. Following the publication of the Genetic Resources Strategy for Europe in 2021, an Animal strategy was ...

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Our Christmas gift: an edition of the ERFP newsletter !

Ten years after the last edition of the ERFP newsletter, it is our pleasure to present you our newsletter, right on time to be featured under the Christmas tree !    

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Main outcomes of the Native Horses Network Meeting

Last november, the first meeting of the ERFP Ad Hoc Action on Nordic Native Horses was held in Alnarp, Sweden. Nineteen people from nine different countries met in a hybrid reunion as a follow-up of ...

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3, 2, 1... for the European Reference Center !

Starting January 1st 2023, the new European Reference Center for Endangered Animal Breeds will be officially created. A consortium led by Wageningen University & Research (WUR), together with ...

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Genetic Resources is the journal for your publications !

Genetic Resources ( is a new open access online journal, launched in 2020 and inspired by the no longer existing Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter and Animal Genetic Resources ...

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Publication of the survey on Rural development support measures for AnGR

Countries that are part of the European Union are drafting the last amendments to their new Rural Development Programmes (RDP) which will start beginning of 2023. The RDP can be a powerful tool ...

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