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Together we are stronger: 50 participants to the Cyprus ERFP Working Groups

A large crowd of AnGR experts made the journey to the Agriculture Research Institute (ARI) in Nicosia, Cyprus, to participate to the ERFP Working Groups (WG). Two days of networking and presentations followed by the EAAP regional congress and the long waited Ad Hoc Action “Workshop Mediterranean” that was programmed since 2019 but delayed for unexpected reasons (Covid19…). These two days were also the occasion to work hands in hands with the EURC-EAB and help countries to fill in their survey of the FAO’s report on the implementation of the Global Plan of Action.

The ERFP secretariat took also the opportunity to thank Danijela Bojkovski (Slovenia), ex chair of the in situ WG, and Fernando Tejerina (Spain), who finished its two terms as chair of the ex-situ WG in Nicosia, for all their work and dedication on behalf of the ERFP network. Ewa Sosin (Poland) was elected to take over the ex-situ chair for a 3 year term.

All the presentations from the WG are available on the ERFP website.Logo EURC EAB