European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources

Regional platform for the support of management, conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources

On line General Assembly – Day 1

3 Sep 2020

The presentations made during the General Assembly and reports from the various bodies of the ERFP network are available here:

Minutes of the General Assembly: minutes

ERFP annual progress report and financial report (Coralie Danchin, ERFP Secretariat): slides and report (upon request only by NC)

WG Documentation & Information (Enrico Sturaro, WG chair): slides and report

WG In situ conservation (Danijela Bojkovski, WG chair): slides and report + AH merino breed report

WG Ex situ Conservation (Fernando Tejerina Ampudia, chair): slides and report + AH EUGENA report

Ad Hoc action transboundary breed⋅(Eleonore Charvolin-Lemaire, AH leader): slides and report

FAO report to ERFP (Roswitha Baumung, FAO): slides

EAAP WG AnGR report (Jesus Fernandez, EAAP AnGR group Chair): slides

Communication strategy and Ad Hoc Action proposal (Montserrat Castellanos Moncho, Spain): slides

TF Future ERFP Secretariat (Sipke Hiemstra, ERFP chair): slides and report

Proposals of new Ad hoc actions and ERFP 2021 budget approval (Coralie Danchin, ERFP secretariat):slides