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The gene banks specific status finally acknowledged !

This June 3rd was published the Supplementing Regulation (EU) 2016/429 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the approval of germinal product establishments and the traceability and animal health requirements for movements within the Union of germinal products of certain kept terrestrial animals (

This long title is actually a great improvement for animal gene banks since this regulation recognise for the first time an exception for the movement of germinal products from the Gene Banks between member countries of the EU.

It will allow the improvement the collaboration between Genebanks and reinforce the conservation of the transboundary breeds. Some requirements are needed for material to be exchanged between genebanks, one of them is that the Genebanks have to be recognized or authorized for the conservation and sustainable use of the ANGR by “the competent authorities”. This is an excellent occasion to use EUGENA as a way to identify and promote these Genebanks.

Several members of the ERFP WG and ERFP network have been involved in the development of this regulation to reach this current result, congratulations for this excellent outcome!!