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Regional platform for the support of management, conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources

Genetic Resources is the journal for your publications !

Genetic Resources ( is a new open access online journal, launched in 2020 and inspired by the no longer existing Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter[1] and Animal Genetic Resources[2] journals and aiming to fill the gaps created by their discontinuation. The journal disseminates global knowledge and tools used by the community of practitioners and researchers of plant and animal genetic resources involved in monitoring, collecting, maintaining, conserving, characterizing and using genetic resources for food, agriculture and forestry.

Within the framework of the H2020 project GenRes Bridge[3], the journal was launched and established as a suitable venue for publishing relevant research, methods, case studies as well as reviews and opinion papers, covering relevant topics of interest on the present and future use of genetic resources. These may include the acquisition, documentation, conservation, management, assessment, characterization and evaluation of genetic resources and their link to broader biodiversity, socioeconomic practices, policy guidelines or similar, serving stakeholders within and across sectors. The journal has a global readership and submissions are received from all corners of the world.

Since its launch in 2020, the journal has published articles on plant and animal genetic resources as well as cross-cutting topics. A dozen articles have already been published about Animal Genetic Resources, mostly about African breeds, but couple presentations focused on European resources such as one on the Bulgarian coloured sheep breeds and another about the assessment of the genetic variability of a highly endangered horse breed on the Faroe island . A special issue was published in February 2021, collecting abstracts presented at the International Congress on the Breeding of Sheep and Goats, produced in collaboration with the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

As of 2022, Genetic Resources continues operation with the support of the European genetic resources networks for plant (ECPGR) and animal (ERFP) genetic resources, retaining its commitment to serve genetic resources stakeholders within and across domains, with a focus on the European region.  The decision to continue Genetic Resources journal in its current form, providing free publication and access to relevant literature, constitutes a major commitment of ECPGR and ERFP to maintain a valuable service to the genetic resources community. The editorial office is hosted by ECPGR, who also produce and publish the journal, with the financial support of ERFP.

The ERFP community is invited to submit manuscripts for consideration in the journal. For further details, please visit our website: and review our Author Guidelines. The journal is also looking to expand its editorial board with experts from the animal domain. If you are interested in joining the editorial board, becoming a reviewer or for any other additional information please contact the managing editor Sandra Goritschnig at