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Creation of Genetic Resources, a new online journal

We are happy to announce the creation of Genetic Resources (, a new open access peer-reviewed online journal which is free to publish and free to read. The journal is inspired by the late Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter and Animal Genetic Resources journal and aims to fill the gaps left by their discontinuation.

Starting as part of the GenRes Bridge project, this new journal will serve as a common platform to share knowledge, tools and other information among practitioners and researchers across different domains of genetic resources, with a focus on plant, animal and forest genetic resources. The first issue of Genetic Resources is scheduled to be published in June 2020.

Genetic Resources publishes methods, strategies, guidelines, case studies or reviews on a variety of topics of interest on the present and future use of genetic resources. These may include the documentation, conservation, management, assessment, characterization and evaluation of genetic resources and their link to broader biodiversity, socioeconomic practices, policy guidelines or similar, serving stakeholders within and across sectors. Its target audience are practitioners and researchers involved in monitoring, collecting, maintaining, conserving, characterizing and using genetic resources for food, agriculture and forestry.

Genetic Resources is now accepting submissions of manuscripts for consideration in the journal. Authors are invited to submit original research, reviews or short communications that cover the scope of the journal.

For further details, please visit our website: and review our Author Guidelines. If you are interested in joining the editorial board, becoming a reviewer or for any other additional information please contact the managing editor Sandra Goritschnig at