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Web meeting about the Integrated Strategy – internal meeting

24 Nov 2020

The current draft version 3.1 of the European Genetic Resources Strategy (available upon request to NCs and WG members ) has been prepared based on feedback provided by the network ad hoc groups, National Coordinators and GenRes Bridge project partners on draft version 2.0, with the addition of examples of potential ‘key commitments’ for discussion at the upcoming feedback workshop.

The stakeholder consultation period on draft version 3.1 of the European Genetic Resources Strategy starts now and will end on 11 December 2020. The process during this period is as follows:

  • A first session,  Tuesday, November 24th  – where only ERFP members will attend as well as the main drafting team (University of Birmingham to discuss and respond to any key/critical issues that arise.
  • On Tuesday 24 November afternoon, the three network committees will meet all together in the to share and discuss their feedback on the draft. The University of Birmingham drafting team will be present during this session.
  • On Wednesday 25 November, the three networks will present their feedback individually to the feedback workshop participants.
  • The ensuing workshop discussions on 25 and 26 November will be focused on the development of the key commitments.
  • In liaison with the network and ad hoc group coordinators, the ad hoc group members and National Coordinators are also invited to provide feedback on the main text of draft version 3.1 by the deadline of 11 December.
  • In liaison with the network and ad hoc group coordinators and feedback workshop organizers, the University of Birmingham will collate the feedback arising from the SC meetings, cross-domain meeting, the workshop discussions, and comments received on the main text, and proceed to draft version 4 of the Strategy.
  • Draft version 4 will be made publicly available in January 2021 and feedback invited via an online survey.