European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources

Regional platform for the support of management, conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources


Ewa Sosin

National Research Institute of Animal Production Krakowska 1,
32-083 Balice



List of experts

  • Agnieszka Chełmińska, member of the WG In situ conservation
  • Ewa Sosin, member of the WG on Ex situ conservation

Śląski horse (śl)

The native race of Śląski horses is currently perfect for various types of rallies, agility competitions, jumping, dressage and carriage driving in various classes and all kinds of shows. The importance of these horses kept to meet the psychological needs of man increased. Śląski horses, the heaviest in the type of noble half-bred horses, are particularly well suited to horse-drawn use.

Śląski horse

Photo I. Tomczyk-Wrona


Konik polski (kn)

Currently, in the population of the Polish horse, in which 35 female families and 6 male lines have been distinguished, only a part shows sufficient breeding activity. The development of specific traits and utility values of this breed was undeniably influenced by their wild ancestors. The strength of Polish horses is emphasized, resistance to difficult living conditions, adaptation to local environmental conditions, low feed requirements, health, fertility and high draft weight in relation to body weight.

Konik 2

Photo I. Tomczyk-Wrona


Hucuł (hc)

Hucul horses breeding activity is carried out within 14 female families and 7 male lines. The two families Pastuszka and Wyderka constitute about half of the entire population of the Hucul horse. The most endangered are the Reda lines and the Żyrki lines, where the population consists of only a few dozen mares. Hucul horses are characterized by great skill and perseverance at work. They never lost contact with people, which undoubtedly contributed to the formation of their character and developed, rare in other races, a genuine need and desire to contact man. Both stallions and mares are characterized by a strong and firm constitution, lively temperament and gentle disposition. Hucul horses, due to their calm nature and low growth, are perfect for the now sought-after “family horse”. They are widely used under the saddle and in the team.


Photo I. Tomczyk-Wrona