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Regional platform for the support of management, conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources


Livestock Genebanks Peer Reviews

Observations and conclusions based on one cycle of three animal genebanks peer reviews

Within the H2020 GenResBridge project a system of peer reviews has been set up aiming to improve the quality of European genebanks by having the experts of these genebanks visit each otheR. Reviewers provide recommendations to the hosting genebank.
A pilot of these genebank peer reviews is being organised in the second half of 2021, involving the French national Cryobank  the Dutch national genebank at Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands  and the Slovenian national genebank ,Slovenia focussing on the animal genetic resources (AnGR) collections.
The reviews were held in 2021 on September 13th and 14th in France, September 15th and 16th in the Netherlands and on October 5th and 6th in Slovenia.

The global peer review report is available below, and the invidual country reports here:

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