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Regional platform for the support of management, conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources


Srdjan Stojanović

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Division for Rural Development
Nemanjina 22-26
RS-11000 Belgrade

+381 11 3348 075
+381 11 3348 075
  • Domestic moutain poney

The Domestic mountain pony is the most represented breed of horse in Serbia. It can be found in the southeastern and southwestern parts of the country. This breed is closely related to other Balkan horses such as the Bosnian mountain horse, the hucul (Carpathian area) and the Karakachan horse (Bulgarian area). This extremely hardy breed of horses almost disappeared because of the mechanization of agriculture. In 2001, the Federal Institute for Plant and Animal Genetic Resources took over several horses from Goč from the Faculty of Forestry to preserve them as a genetic resource and started a preservation program of the breed. Today, in the Bosilegrad area, there are about 10 breeders breed and 40 horses inventoried. The motives are different: some farmers are still using this horse which is a great help in these remote areas, while others are just breeding them to preserve a rare breed. The state allocates incentives for the preservation of this breed.

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Picture by Sergej Ivanov