European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources

Regional platform for the support of management, conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources

EFABIS information system

Recognizing their common interest in documentation and information of animal genetic resources in Europe and raising awareness on the need for conservation and sustainable use of these resources, ERFP and EAAP have agreed to maintain and update the European Information System for AnGR (EFABIS). EFABIS covers passport, descriptive and performance data as well as population and other data of the animal breeds in Europe.

The current version of EFABIS is developed and managed by FAO on behalf of both EAAP and ERFP. EFABIS serves as an impartial platform for the distribution of national data provided by the European National Coordinators. EFABIS is an integrative component of the global Domestic Animal Diversity Information System DAD-IS.

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